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Hopville launches. (Very softly.)

In the spirit of “launch early, launch often”, I pushed an embryonic version of Hopville out to the interwebs yesterday. Ultimately I’d like it to be a lively, free community site for homebrewers. Right now it has maybe 5% of its intended features and exactly 0% of the community members that will make it all happen. But since the existing features facilitate permanently storing recipes created on Beer Calculus – which was long overdue – I thought I may as well get Hopville out the door early.

Now I’m setting up a blog type thing where I can give development updates for those who care to follow along. Much like the site, the blog is likely to be empty, ugly, and located at temporary URLs for awhile. So it goes. The good news is, I got a great tip on some new references to use while upgrading the mathematical innards of Beer Calculus. The bad news is, I’m hosting out-of-towners this weekend and won’t be able to add any major features. More major ones to follow next week, and hopefully some minor improvements meanwhile.


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