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Beer Calculus gets outpatient surgery

Some small tweaks to Beer Calculus tonight. The malt results now represent color as degrees SRM (Standard Reference Method). This has always been the basis of the color calculation, but the result was left out in favor of a text description that was somewhat less helpful, and sometimes innacurate. Not only is SRM exposed, but its formulation has been upgraded to use the hopefully more accurate, definitely less linear Morey equation by default. Other items on the short list for Beer Calculus updates:

  • Allow editing of sugar and color contributions for each fermentable, so brewers who know the PPG and °L of their ingredients can customize their recipes.
  • Allow multiple equation choices for things like hop utilization and SRM calculation.
  • More of this information exposed on the printable version of the recipe page.

Current recipe count on Hopville: 10.


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