Okay folks, Hopville and Beer Calculus are likely to be a little drunk and out of sorts this weekend.  Or maybe it’s me that will be drunk and out of sorts, and the site will be merely rough around the edges.  I decided to roll out the current state of the major revision I described a bit in my last post.  But this is definitely a case where I’m pushing it live in order to get more eyeballs on it and to light a fire under my butt to finish the parts that aren’t really ready for prime time.  Bear with me through a slew of changes, probably some times when the site is a little broken, and please report any bugs – I plan to focus all my (limited) spare time on Hopville this week, so bugs should get fixed pretty quickly…within a day or so.  The ingredient “info” links and ingredient search will be back on the site ASAP – just have to get them working properly with the new Beer Calculus code.

Current recipe count: 14,960



  1. cchotz said

    Are bugs fixed? I am unable to log into my account nor find my recipes. I used to be able to search google for “Cobi IPA” and my recipe would come up. Not I get a 404 error. I love you guys and would love to have my recipes back.

    • Hi Chris. That Cozi IPA recipe is here:

      For other issues you maybe having, I can track them down if you send me an email describing the error message you receive and some details about your system (operating system, web browser version, etc). You can find my email at the bottom of all the Hopville and Beer Calculus pages.

    • Steve Johnson said

      On another subject entirely…. a minor enhancement would be to add a temperature correction feature to data entry for original and final gravity. I suppose this would encourage laziness, but I suspect at least some home brewers do not bother with the temperature correction.

      So: ask for the measured gravity and the temperature of the brew. Do the calculation for the lazy user.

      Best wishes and Thank You!


  2. cchotz said

    Perhaps you changed your permalink structure? Here is the URL Google has indexed when I search “Cobi IPA”:

    From there is I click “Sign In or Join For Free” it only allows me to create a new account rather than sign in to an existing account.

  3. Steve Johnson said

    New site works well and looks good; logins for existing users are easier and the featured brews are a logical/helpful way to spotlight specific brews in a large collection.

    The one thing I have been looking for is the xslt file to work with the exported xml files. I suppose I should write that as an exercise, but I always prefer to copy code if I can avoid writing it. I have looked…

    I am having much more fun with homebrewing my second time around, after an eight year layoff, and is definitely part of the reason for more fun.

    Steve Johnson
    (not the former beer writer from Georgia)

  4. Austin said

    Hitting Recaculus on an existing recipe takes you to a “new recipe” page. i currently cannot edit any existing recipes.

    New style looks great though overall.

  5. Brian said

    Love the site and the tool… I just seem to be having an issue today…

    When I choose “enter a new recipe” it pops up with my most recently changed brew… and if I change that, it doesn’t ask me if I want to save as a new recipe, it just overwrites the old one…



  6. Hi folks. I took another step forward on the back-end of the site last night by upgrading to the latest version of Rails. Unfortunately this caused some issues with cookies – both people and recipes had a hard time switching back and forth between BC and Hopville. Should be fixed now, sorry for the glitches.

  7. Matt said

    Not sure where to put this, but Beer Calculus does not seem to work on my home computer. I am wondering if I just need to update the programming language used. If this might be the case, could you let me know what to update?

    Love the site, thanks

    • Hi Matt. Hopville and Beer Calculus require two features that might be disabled in your web browser: Cookies and JavaScript. If you enable those you should be good to go.

  8. Sam said

    Windows constanly has to recover the Beer Calc. page. I can’t enter a recipe without the page locking up 3-4 times….Can you help?

    • It’d be hard to debug the problem via this blog but feel free to shoot me an email about the problem.

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