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Okay folks, Hopville and Beer Calculus are likely to be a little drunk and out of sorts this weekend.  Or maybe it’s me that will be drunk and out of sorts, and the site will be merely rough around the edges.  I decided to roll out the current state of the major revision I described a bit in my last post.  But this is definitely a case where I’m pushing it live in order to get more eyeballs on it and to light a fire under my butt to finish the parts that aren’t really ready for prime time.  Bear with me through a slew of changes, probably some times when the site is a little broken, and please report any bugs – I plan to focus all my (limited) spare time on Hopville this week, so bugs should get fixed pretty quickly…within a day or so.  The ingredient “info” links and ingredient search will be back on the site ASAP – just have to get them working properly with the new Beer Calculus code.

Current recipe count: 14,960


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