Little feature weekend

Checked off a few random things on the ever-growing TODO list for Hopville this weekend.

  • Added BJCP style validation to Beer Calculus.  As you work on recipes in the calculator, you’ll see warnings whenever the calculations seem to put your recipe out of bounds for the chosen beer style.  These warnings can be ignored entirely, but at least the information is now available where it would be most useful.
  • Added a random recipe link to the recipe navigation menu.  Self-explanatory.  And fun!  Try it!
  • Moved Beer Calculus so that it lives under the domain at  This shouldn’t have any effect on users, but it’ll help with Hopville’s “Google juice”, keep me from having to jump through hoops to maintain state between two domains, and make it more apparent that Hopville is there to support Beer Calculus.  Since the calculator preceded Hopville by so many years, lots of folks don’t even know they can save their BC recipes yet!

Current recipe count: 2026



  1. Cousinz said

    We you be making any changes to the program to allow for late malt additions in the boil?

    • I’m not working on a feature to distinguish late malt additions at this time, but I’d consider it. I’ll add it to the feature request list for sure. Thanks!

  2. On of the best tools I have found for documenting a really complicated process. Thanks for all your work.
    In the way of a feature request, when I was entering my Rocky Raccoon Recipe, I found finding a matching Style took some time. Would there be a way to pick the style closest to the recipe automatically.

    • Steve said

      I second the request for having the tool identify the style(s) that either come close or match the recipe. The tool is great though – nice site.

    • CrewF24 said

      +1 to having it identify the style for you.

  3. Jacob said

    I tend to use multiple yeast strains for my brews, any way to set that up?
    BTW great site, the recipe creation is one of the best I have seen and by far the easiest to use.

    • Multiple yeasts is definitely on the list of feature additions. Not sure when the next round of updates will happen, but it’ll be there at some point for sure.

  4. Clay Bell said

    Great stuff, love it, but can’t find where to add recipes. (from
    I’ll second (third? forth?) the extra yeast thing, also add DME and yeast food during ferm.

    Add Lager times/info? (sometimes you lager the ales)

    Some filters or groups in the ingredient lists (i.e. if I’m doing an extract, show me the extracts not the grains). And I personally would like LME and DME separated.

    Maybe add notes (with times) to the boil process but not sure if there is a real need for that.

    But really, great work so far.

  5. Andy said

    Very nice tool you’ve built here. Thank you!

  6. Jason said


    Thanks for the great site. I joined up a while back and have a handful of recipes here. It’s a great site!

    Jason aka “Odinsbrew”

  7. Benjamin VH said

    I’d love to see a “other recipes like mine” something that would compare the entire recipe and then give a list of the most like by % of shared ingredients. Very often I’ve built a number of beers and wondered if I’m missing something maybe or would have liked to see if other people have done something similar but added/removed XYZ. Etc.

    Any update on when there will be another update to the site?

    I love it BTW!

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