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Little feature weekend

Checked off a few random things on the ever-growing TODO list for Hopville this weekend.

  • Added BJCP style validation to Beer Calculus.  As you work on recipes in the calculator, you’ll see warnings whenever the calculations seem to put your recipe out of bounds for the chosen beer style.  These warnings can be ignored entirely, but at least the information is now available where it would be most useful.
  • Added a random recipe link to the recipe navigation menu.  Self-explanatory.  And fun!  Try it!
  • Moved Beer Calculus so that it lives under the domain at  This shouldn’t have any effect on users, but it’ll help with Hopville’s “Google juice”, keep me from having to jump through hoops to maintain state between two domains, and make it more apparent that Hopville is there to support Beer Calculus.  Since the calculator preceded Hopville by so many years, lots of folks don’t even know they can save their BC recipes yet!

Current recipe count: 2026


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