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When I last checked in about development status, I was about to shoehorn the BJCP style information into the database.  Well, consider the  most recent guidelines shoehorned.  They still need to be cleaned up a little bit, the textual data was a little messy, but at least the stats and descriptions are there now for easy reference.  In the process of fleshing out the style pages, I also made it easier to browse recipes within the style, narrowing down to extract, all grain, or partial mash.  And the relatively new search feature is an easy way to cut through the database looking for specific styles too.

In other developments:

  • I finally opened up the ingredients database to the masses. Previously I was the only person who could add new ingredients into the database, so folks had to drop me an email request or list their unlisted ingredients inside the recipe notes.  Now anybody can add anything right into the recipe on their own.
  • To accommodate an open ingredient database, I added inline ingredient search to Beer Calculus.  Now, rather than having to read through an alphabetical select box to find the malt, hop, yeast, or miscellaneous ingredient you need, you can switch on a search box and find the selection by typing a keyword or two.  And if the ingredient you’re searching for can’t be found, it’s easy to add it.
  • Previously all IBU results were calculated using an ages-old custom formula that combined parts of the “Daniels method” with the “Garetz method”.  I’ve now updated the IBU number to be customizable to the popular formulas (Tinseth, Garetz, Rager), but I also left in the old “Hopville method” so that existing recipes keep their existing IBU value.  By default, new recipes added to Hopville will calculate IBUs by averaging the three commonly used formulas, but brewers with a formula preference can customize to use that instead.
  • Fixed some rounding errors introduced by the recent migration to metrics-based recipe storage, and some other bugs I introduced in the broad sweep of new changes.

Current recipe count: 675


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  1. Joey Nonopants said

    Nice additions! The customizable IBU formulas is nice. Good on ya!

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