On the Road to 1.0

I managed to avoid hangovers this weekend – at least, debilitating ones – and made more steady progress on Hopville. When I started thinking about releasing the site as fast and light-weight as possible, I reckoned there’d be three stages of the initial roll-out. With the addition of the recipe comments feature, I’m about half way done with the “second phase”. I suppose that means I’m about half way to a launch-ready site, and the current participants are unwittingly acting as Beta testers. Shhh…

New Stuff

  • Comments are now allowed on recipes, so brewers can share questions, compliments, and tips on their recipes
  • The points per gallon of sugar extract, as well as the lovibond rating of each fermentable ingredient, are now customizable.  Previously there were default settings for each ingredient, which were fixed and never displayed.  That was handy for keeping the interface clean, but continued design tweaks on the calculator are facilitating more customization options without huge costs in terms of clutter.
  • Added White Labs yeast strains, as well as Rice Hulls as a mash/sparge ingredient

Other Updates

  • Improved the way stylesheets handle the “printable” version of pages, so more information is displayed on the printed version, and a separate version no longer needs to be maintained
  • Fixed some bugs with “save” versus “save as” when updating saved recipes
  • Made the maximum weight per fermentable ingredient dynamic, dependent on batch size. Most people will never know this happened, but it’s much more convenient for folks brewing batches of 10+ gallons.

Current recipe count: 74



  1. Adam Harwin said

    Hi Todd,
    Love Hopville already and sense it is only going to get better.
    How about enhancing Beer Calculus to give colour in EBC as well as SRM?


    • Thanks Adam, glad you the site! EBC should be easy to add, I’ll put it on the TODO list.

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